Friday, August 31, 2012

Welcome to JustBeeYoutiful!

In 2006, armed with an 8oz tub of shea butter and some oils from my kitchen cupboard, I mixed up my first batch of my “Homemade Shea Butter Mix” or the 'hair crack' as my sister called it. It was a fun hobby and a way to avoid wasting money on products that just didn’t quite work for my hair or skin. I soon found that just like I had a talent for styling hair, I also seemed to have a natural knack for concocting hair potions.

Fast-forward to 2011, when amidst clamors from ‘hair crack addicts’ (my already growing fan base of family and friends) to start selling the products full time and fueled by a need to change careers for personal and health reasons, I said goodbye to working at embassies and said hello to working with emulsions and essential oils =) I decided to start selling my handmade creations to the world - "Just Bee You!" Beauty Products was born!

I chose to do a blog rather than a website for the products because it was cheaper! LOL But seriously though, rather than just have people come to a site, order the products and leave, I wanted a forum where people could interact, learn and grow. My main vision for “Just Bee You!” is not just to provide quality cosmetics, but also to create awareness among consumers of the need to use cosmetics which are healthy for us and kind to the environment. I’d also like to encourage everyone to embrace their unique God-given beauty and foster an appreciation for varying types of beauty. I believe that a blog would be an interactive and fun way to achieve that.

This blog is a place where fans of "Just Bee You!" Beauty Products can meet to get information, learn more about the products and about how to use them in your everyday hair regimen; you can shop and stock up your 'hair crack' stash. Everyone can ask questions and get useful hair tips and inspiration from myself and from all the beeyoutiful people who may pass through here. I will also blog about what I'm doing with my hair and about my life in general as a career diplomat turned mad scientist/hair product mixtress =)

Take your time here… Relax and browse! Add us to your favourites so you can keep coming back! Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions! I welcome your feedback – even your disagreement =) we are all here to learn and grow! Check out the “Contact Us” page for the various ways to reach me.

Enjoy and God Bless!