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For a long time I was frustrated by the selection of products at local beauty supply stores. Many of the products featured natural ingredients in their names but when I took the time to read the fine print they actually contained very little (or none at all!) of the good stuff being advertised.

I was so tired of getting used to a product, only to see the "improved" version put on the market, full of harsh chemicals or lots of  'fluff' to stretch it out. It was a constant struggle for me to find products that worked for my hair and skin and that I wasn't allergic to (I'm very sensitive!)

Laci Joseph
founder Just Bee You! beauty products
Inspired by other 'kitchen chemists' online, I decided to try mixing up my own 'concoctions’ for my hair and skin, and began experimenting in my 'kitchen laboratory'. I started mixing batches of hair and body butters for myself and also began sharing them with family and friends, receiving great reviews. Soon I expanded to other beauty products and the rest is history.

In 2011, I decided to say farewell to the corporate world and turn my love for all things 'hair' and my hobby of concocting hair products into a business. Now I am the owner of "Just Bee You!" Beauty Products – a line of cosmetics made with wholesome ingredients ... hand-blended with love!

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