"I bought a product and now it's melting. Has it gone bad?" 

Many of the products are made using natural oils and butters which may make them susceptible to melting in warmer temperatures. This can be remedied by keeping the product in a cool location. Avoid leaving your products in extreme heat, such as parked vehicle. On particularly hot days especially here in the Caribbean, you may even want to store your products in the refrigerator if necessary. If your product has melted, simply stir it with a plastic utensil and place in the refrigerator to re-harden.

"My favourite product looks different than the last time I ordered it, is something wrong with this batch?"

Variations in colour, scent, or even consistency may sometimes occur since we work with natural ingredients, especially since we do not use any artificial colourings / dyes and often do unscented products. The scent or colour of cocoa butter, for example, can vary resulting in batches of skin smoothies having differences in appearance. Slight differences are normal when dealing with handmade products and are not necessarily an indication of diminishing standard or a spoilt batch ... we are committed to continuously providing you with quality products!

"How can I be sure the products will work for me?"

We have done countless research and testing to make sure that the products are effective! We also make a concerted effort to always use quality ingredients in our products. Notwithstanding, specific results are not guaranteed, as everyone's hair/skin is unique and responds differently. Please ensure that you follow the suggested directions for use as the product labels indicate, and also look out for posts on the blog and our You Tube channel which give tips on the best way to incorporate the products into your daily regimen to achieve the maximum benefits.

I was hoping to get my product right away! Why will my order take a few days to be ready?

The products are handmade in small batches, so we don’t usually keep very large amounts of a particular product on hand. This is especially true for customized products. Your product is made to order because we like to ensure that when you get your bottle it is as freshly made as possible. For two main reasons:
In keeping with our commitment to giving you products that are as gentle as possible, we don’t use the chemicals and fillers that normally prolong the shelf-life of traditional cosmetics. We do use a broad spectrum, paraben and formaldehyde free preservative in formulas containing water, but many of our products are made solely with natural or vegetable source ingredients, as such, their shelf life varies from 6 months up to 1 year. So the fresher the product you receive the longer you will be able to safely enjoy it.
Secondly, we want to make sure that you enjoy the FULL benefit of the botanical ingredients and wholesome herbs in our formulations. Many natural ingredients such as essential oils gradually reduce in potency as time goes on. When you receive a freshly made product you can be sure that you get to use it when those ingredients are at highest potency.

Are the products safe to use on my children?

We don't use strong chemicals and other harsh ingredients in our formulations, we use natural and vegetable source ingredients. As such our products our products are extremely gentle and are safe for use on children and babies. That being said, there are even natural substances that persons can be allergic to! So as with any product which you will be using on yourself or your children, do a patch test on a small area of skin to be sure there is no reaction. This is especially true for children and adults with very sensitive skin. If you have allergies or sensitivities, you can order Just Bee You! products in sample sizes to be sure they are right for you.

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