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“Just Bee You!” Beauty Products have been working wonders for our customers’ hair and skin problems! If our products have worked for you, why not write a product review? 

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Here are the testimonies of some of our satisfied customers:

“My favourite product is the Herbal Hair Spritz. It's quick and easy to spray on my hair and into my scalp. It keeps my new growth from getting too hard when my relaxer is overdue, and makes wrapping my hair at night soooo easy! And smooooth tresses in the morning, just unwrap, quick comb through and boom! =)” - Danielle

“I love the Shea & Herbs Hair Butter the most. It makes me happy.... it helps me detangle easily and almost over moisturizes my hair which for my head is a GOOD thing! For someone with very dense hair like mine, a product needs to do what it says and this butter doesn't disappoint.” - Gabrielle

“Just dropping a line to say that I love your products and the way you have helped me take care of my hair and my daughter's hair and also our skin. Missy's hair is growing, slowly but surely. I am using the Oils n Herbs in her hair. The yucky bumps are gone and miraculously the bald patches have baby hair coming up. Thanks a mil!” - Avianne C

“I use this [herbal hair spritz] everyday and love the tingle that I get in my scalp! Love it!” - Akia

“Since going natural I have tried many oil combinations in my hair and all just seem to sit on the strand, but Oils n Herbs penetrates my tresses so well. I love the smell. Both me and my daughter use it, whether it is for a hot oil treatment or right after our co wash... this is the oil in our L.O.C method.” – Avianne

“I love your products, a little goes a long way. My hair feels really moisturized with the Shea & Herbs Hair Butter (my mom even tries to steal some from me!) Love the Herbal Hair Spritz ... use it when I'm detangling my hair after a wash. Like I said a little goes a long way. Enjoying my journey thus far, glad I found products that I can use and that actually does what the label says it would. =) 100% totally satisfied customer.” - Camille 

“Shea & Herbs Hair Butter, great product, working wonders on my daughter's hair, also the Oil n Herbs works great on my dreads, go Laci go.” - Alicia

“Cocoa Shea Skin Smoothie, has made me vow never to go back to redfox so-called cocoa butter whatever...I had been bombarded with mosquito bites and scarring and what I thought would never vanish, HAS vanished. I love that my skin feels like velvet and that I stay moisturized all day long! My only problem, is that I do not abide to the "a little goes a long way" rule of thumb. I slather!! I swear by this product! I love it! Try it!!” - Karissa

"I love the Baby Bottom Balm on my son's bum =) Chaffed skin and diaper rash is clearing up more and more each day!" Ria

"When we have our day of pampering our hair, I put the herbal sachets to steep very early in the morning, it is our final rinse to the day's hair loving ceremony. First time I used it I tried to convince Laci to let me drink it ... it smells so great! love it on the hair." - Avianne C

"Shea & Herbs Hair Butter is the only thing I need to be putting in my hair for the rest of my life period, point blank" - Candice

"Wanted to share something i found out by 'accident!' Periodically i get a bad facial breakout of what one dermatologist called 'seborrheic dermatitis' which is a form of eczema. I was told to keep away from oily face products as this would worsen the condition. I decided to try the Just Bee You COCOA SHEA SMOOTHIE on my face, however, since i was hoping the smoothie would help even out blotches and help with 'elasticity' since i felt ah was getting too old hehe (and use the dermatologist's face serum, that hasn't been working lately, to deal with the ez scabs). Anyway what i found was such a GREAT helped clear the eczema from my skin. The welts i normally get from the eczema were flattened and smooth within 2 days. I am so happy to find something that works! I will buy for my sisters also, as they are also afflicted with this problem! (* i 'coincidentally' few weeks later saw on a Natural's hair page, a tip from the admin about how she found that only SHEA butter helped clear her son's eczema). If anyone else has that problem, it is worth a try for sure! Oh...tip- use it at night, as you may look a little too greasy if you go out with it during the day" - Jaynia

"It's official!! I am totally in love with these hair products and believe me when I say LOVE i mean the 'forsake all other products for just these products' kinda love. My hair is transforming right before my eyes. It is healthier, shinier, softer, blacker... my only worry is that it is now even thicker... I am currently using the Shea and Aloe Souffle and the hair spritz and they are divine as a combo. I will be ordering more as gifts for my friends... even though I secretly want to keep the secret to gorgeous hair to myself so ppl will think I was born with it" - Gabby

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