About Just Bee You!

You deserve to look your best!

We all want it … strong, beautiful hair, and skin which radiates with a healthy glow. Just Bee You! beauty products are formulated with wholesome ingredients which not only give you that "look" you are after but also, with consistent use, will improve the condition of your hair and skin.  

You deserve safe cosmetics
Just Bee You! is a product line handmade with love using wholesome ingredients, which are gentle on the body while providing a host of benefits. Our products are paraben free, formaldehyde free, sulfate free, phthalate free. We never use silicones, petrochemicals, dyes or any other harsh chemicals. Instead, in our handmade goodies you can find natural butters and oils, pure aloe vera, nourishing herbal infusions and essential oils, all carefully chosen for their beneficial properties, all gentle enough for those with sensitive skin or scalp and safe enough to use on babies and children.

You deserve products that work
While the products are gentle they certainly do not skimp on effectiveness! We never use petroleum, mineral oil and other non-nourishing fillers.  Since we don’t stretch our products out with cheap fillers their effectiveness is not reduced or watered down in any way, so you get your money’s worth! Our products have been tried and tested by people with a wide range of hair and skin needs, with positive results that can be seen in the testimonies of our many satisfied customers.
What makes us different?
Unlike most cosmetic lines, Just Bee You! Beauty products are customizable, allowing you to tweak the products according to your specific needs. Our wide range of customization options means that we cater to a diverse range of beauty issues.

Customization Options:
- Scalp Health Formula: soothes scalp problems, such as dandruff and itchy scalp.
- Strength Formula: helps to strengthen weak, breaking hair. 
- Growth Stimulation Formula: Stimulate the scalp for maximum growth potential; massage on bald spots or thinning hairline. 
- Extra Peppermint: for that extra tingly feeling
- Allergies: You've read the ingredient list and you’re allergic to almonds? Let us know, we may be able to switch out certain ingredients for you.
- Just Bee Gentle: when you need something extra gentle for your little one or for adults with sensitive skin/scalp

So, for example, you can purchase the Shea and Herbs Hair Butter in the ‘Scalp Health Formula’ or the Oils 'n' Herbs Hair and Scalp Oil in Gentle Formula for your little one. 

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