Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Simple Celebrations

My nephew Aiden is 7 years old and he is on the autism spectrum. This has been a wonderful challenge for our family, and I say wonderful because, although it has been and continues to be challenging, it has been enjoyable and rewarding! Each member of our family has a unique experience in dealing with Aiden. Today I'm giving you the point of view of my sister Ria, Aiden's mommy, and what she would like to say about raising a son with autism:

Simple Celebrations...

He rode his bike 50 yards on his own!
He goes to the bathroom.
Puts his own shoes on.
Feeds himself and asks for "more please".
Asks me: "Mommy, are you okay?"
Plays hide and seek and says 
"ready or not, here I come!"

Bring out the cake and balloons let's celebrate... 

Aiden has done it!

I am always ecstatic when he does these things because he couldn't do them before or it took him several years or months to learn how to do them. 

Having a child with autism makes you want to celebrate any and every milestone they accomplish, because often it looks like they may never achieve the simple tasks / skills that we take for granted.

Aiden has had a long road to being able to do the things I mentioned above. he has made me see life in slow motion, taking it one step at a time and celebrating all the way. reminding me to celebrate and appreciate everything. My joy, my sunshine, my reason to say let's celebrate! Go Aiden!

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