Monday, October 22, 2012

A vapour in the wind

Every now and then I'm reminded that life is so fragile! The passing of Dawnyele last weekend was another reminder for me, since I was just watching her last update a couple days before that. Dawnyele was a natural hair vlogger/blogger. (If you are not familiar with who she was you can go to her fotkiblog or youtube channel). Her large following is no surprise as she had a warm personality that seemed to reach you through the computer screen. I was introduced to Dawnyele through the fotki picture-sharing site. We interacted through picture comments and messages. I added her as a fotki friend and followed her album faithfully as our textures were similar. It's crazy how you feel like you know someone as they share their world with you online through blogs and vlogs. I have never met her in person but I felt so sad to hear of her passing. 

My heart goes out to her family and loved ones - judging by the out-pouring of emotion online by those of us who just knew her through the medium of the internet, I can only imagine how much she will be missed by those who knew her personally. Their hearts must be breaking! My prayers are with them.

I've met so many great people through being a part of the online hair community, many of them I have formed great friendships with, even though I have never even met them in person. A few I have been fortunate to meet (*waves @ Black Pearls*). Some of them I really wish lived right around the corner, that would be so awesome (I'm talking about you Natitwists! ) Others I only know by your fotki name/youtube name, but all of you have been such a wonderful source of support and encouragement. I take this opportunity to say thank you to all of my online hair inspirations! Life is a vapour, and we should truly take every opportunity to appreciate those who've played a positive role in our lives. I've mentioned a couple of names already, but I'd also like to mention Deidre of Keep it Kinky, Yekinae (Michelle), Chicoro, Loolah of Healthy Hair and Body, Lina40, Mooks-Hair, Corporate Naps, Gisele69, Melanizm and I CANNOT leave out Dee of her online forum is one of the main reasons I am still a natural todayI might have forgotten some people, I'm so sorry in advance! To everyone who's been an inspiration or source of support to me along my hair journey thank you, thank you, thank you!

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