Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Ultimate Epicurean Boutique Market

You may remember the post "Making a list? Check it twice!" where I announced that  Just Bee You! would be attending the Ultimate Epicurean Boutique Market at the Crowne Plaza in Port of Spain. I'm not even going to wait till the end to summarize or add suspense or anything - let me just come right out and say I had a tremendous time at this event! It was well organised and my interaction with Andrea of Eventuality Ltd was wonderful from the very beginning. She was professional yet friendly in her approach, prompt in responses to messages and kept us updated and informed  in the weeks leading up to the event.

I attended the event with my mom and cousin Kari, two of my "elves" as I like to call them =) We did not arrive as early as we would have liked, and then I forgot a piece of my table display at home, but we were able to modify the display and set up fairly quickly.

My two 'elves'  =)
This was my first show in Trinidad and I thoroughly enjoyed the day! The interaction among participants was great. I had some really friendly "neighbours", with the Soap Boutique on my right and STC & Company who were on my left - their lemongrass soap smelled DIVINE I need to pick up some of that, and the soap net! I tried to visit as many booths as I could when I got a little break. There were some wonderful products on display, I would encourage everyone to take the time to check out some of your local manufacturers and artisans when doing your shopping this holiday season.

The response to Just Bee You! beauty products was extremely positive. I am glad I participated in the Epicurean Market and look forward to attending more markets soon. I would encourage crafters, soapers, manufacturers to attend a few of these markets, not just for the exposure to customers and potential customers, but also for the opportunity to meet other persons in your industry or related industries who may provide a product or service that you may need. The interaction with knowledge gained from more experienced persons in the industry will prove invaluable.

The pictures I took were a bit dark (boo hoo!) but there are pictures on the Facebook page if you'd like to see more.


  1. It was a fun day with your 'elves'. We need to do another market in the future where we are next to each other again.
    There's still some lemongrass left, just send us an email when you're ready :-)

    1. It certainly was fun being neighbours with you all! Definitely need to give you a shout about the lemongrass soap =)