Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coo Coo for Afro Puffs!

I LOVE AFRO PUFFS!! There's just something about fluffing my puff, slapping on some big earrings and stepping out for the day, or getting all dressed up for a fancy occasion and having a huge puff that makes you really stand out! If I could, I'd wear puffs everyday, but alas, everyone's hair is different and though some people can wear their hair loose all the time with no problems, my hair just cannot take it! It just thrives better when its put away in protective styles - it can't take the constant manipulation (braiding the hair at night and doing the puff again next day), added to the fact that my edges are naturally a bit thin and easy to break off so I really should go easy on the headbands ... so I have to settle for occasional puffs *insert pout here*

When my hair was shorter it was easy to just comb my hairline upwards slip on the headband and go, but as my hair grew I had to figure out a way to do a puff that minimized the amount of hair that came out while trying to do this style. Here's a step by step tutorial on how I do my perfect afro puff:

1. I start off with hair that is in large plaits. These are just the plaits I slept in overnight.

2. Undo the braids one at a time starting with the middle of your head. Comb out each braid when you undo it. As you unloose each braid secure the combed out hair in a ponytail holder before moving on to another braid.

3. Work your way outward from the middle of your head leaving the braids at the hairline for last. 

4. Comb up complete. By now you hair should be combed out and secured in a ponytail. It sounds like a tedious process combing out and securing each braid one by one but it is worth it because you lose ALOT less hair and the front/sides of your puff lay very smooth. 

5. (Optional Step). Apply Gel right around your edges and then use your hands to smooth your hair. You can do puffs without gel, they are just as cute, but the gel gives it a more polished finish in my view.

6. I use the Goody or Scunci ‘ouchless headbands’. When I buy them, I stretch them out a bit first so they aren't as new and don’t feel as tight. I place the headband around my neck and then double it if necessary.

7. Bring the headband up and set into place.

8. Do any last minute brushing now - If your hair is fuzzy like mine, stuff has already started going on since you smoothed on the gel =)

9. Gently slide the head band up a couple inches but not too far back yet or it will slip off.

10. Undo the ponytail at the back and then continue sliding the headband back. Don't carry it all the way up, leave it as high or low as you think suits you. I usually just carry it up about 1-2 more inches. Leaving the band half way like this makes the puff on top look bigger than a normal ponytail.

11. Shake vigorously =)

12. After a good shaking, use your hands to gently fluff the hair on the top to get a roundish shape. Don’t stress if it is not completely round at first. I usually find that my puff looks really crazy when I just do it but, after a while, especially if my hair is a little bit damp, the shrinkage just makes the puff neaten itself out after I walk around the house a bit.

13. (Optional Step) If you used gel you may want to place a scarf around the edges to set the wave pattern. Ideally, use a scarf made of satin, silk or any other hair friendly material, not a cotton-type scarf. I leave my scarf on for at least 10 minutes while I get ready, but I guess the longer the better. If I'm getting ready to go out I just leave it on while driving there and remove it before I get out of the car.

14. I also mist the puff lightly with my moisturizing spritz. It causes my puff to shrink slightly but it does keep my hair soft all day and makes it easier to comb out when I get home.

So there you have it! You can use this same method to make a ponytail in natural hair (Just do steps 1 - 4). After you do this method a few times it becomes really easy, and you get through it much faster. If you have suggestions or questions don't hesitate to comment below! This is how I do MY afro puff. What method do you use?


  1. Thank you so much i was trying to figure out something that i could do to my hair while I am waiting to get my hair braided.