Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Product Feature - Herbal Hair Spritz

Does your hair need a liquid fix? Herbal Hair Spritzes are just the thing for you! 

So many people constantly battle dry, crispy hair. While many factors can contribute to dryness, including the very structure of curly/coily hair or even the weather, a major reason is: many people don’t moisturize their hair =) I know it sounds crazy but many of us still believe that “grease” or even oil can ‘moisturize’ our hair. Picture this: It’s a really hot day, you’re sitting under an umbrella at your beach of choice, and you’re soooo thirsty! You could really do with a glass of cold, refreshing butter to quench your thirst….Yes something’s wrong with that picture, but it’s the same thing we do to our thirsty hair all the time!
Your liquid fix! 

I will do a post on the best way to moisturize your hair very soon, but for now just remember this – water moisturizes, oils/butters nourish and seal in moisture. So it’s important to have water or a water-based product in your regimen. The Herbal Hair Spritz is just that – it’s a water-based, moisturizing hair mist formulated with herbal extracts, aloe vera and essential oils, and it’s the perfect treat for thirsty tresses!

Apply a light mist to hair as a daily moisturizer, or layer it under one of our hair creams/butters for longer lasting moisture. I use this product as a moisturizing spritz/leave-in conditioner and as a mild detangling aide. If I plan to wear my hair out in a puff for the day, a light mist of this spritz keeps my puff soft, prevents it from drying out too much during the day and makes comb-out in the evening a lot easier.

This is also a great product for transitioners who need to soften new growth to prevent breakage, or for persons who have a relaxer and want to keep their new growth soft in order to stretch the time between relaxers.

Loc wearers can use this to prevent stiff locs or itchy scalp, as it’s light and won’t create build-up or lint.

You can even use it as a braid spray. If you use it faithfully while wearing the your protective styles (like braids/weaves) when you remove it your hair will be moisturized! And it keeps itching at bay!

The Herbal Hair Spritz is customizable into any of our available options, I like it in “extra peppermint” for more ‘zing’ when I spritz it into my scalp!

The Product Feature Series continues for the entire week, come back tomorrow when we highlight the Shea and Herbs Hair Butter.

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