Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Product Feature - Shea and Herbs Hair Butter

I had some internet issues yesterday (and still am) sooo I’m featuring two JBY products today, so that hopefully by tomorrow God-willing if my technical issues are ironed out we can be back on schedule. Let’s look at the Shea and Herbs Hair Butter, which was the first product I started experimenting with years ago, so it has a special little space in my heart!  =)

The Shea and Herbs Hair Butter is a rich blend which includes a generous dose of unrefined shea butter, herbal infused oils and other nourishing ingredients, such as honey. Shea butter as many may know, does not only contain beneficial vitamins and minerals, but also absorbs slowly into the strands strengthening them from within.

Shea and Herbs Hair Butter contains a generous amount of shea butter

I usually recommend this (as opposed to the Hair Souffle) for relaxed or pressed/flat-ironed hair since it does not contain water which may cause heat-styled hair to revert. Anyone who uses ‘grease’ for any reason in your regimen – on your scalp, as a sealant, replace your jar of conventional “grease” with this product.

The Shea and Herbs Hair Butter contains no petroleum or mineral oil; no artificial fragrance or colouring or preservatives and it’s also customizable.

Tomorrow we’ll feature Oils ‘n’ Herbs Hair and Scalp Oil, so stay tuned!

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