Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Product Feature – Oils ‘n’ Herbs Hair & Scalp Oil

We’re half way through this 7-day series where we feature a different product made by “Just Bee You!” each day. The product we’ll talk about today I honestly believe belongs on everyone’s dresser =) It transcends so many hair types and styling options from close cropped fades, to afros or locs and bone straight relaxers.

Chock full of natural goodness, the Oils ‘n’ Herbs Hair and Scalp Oil delivers luxurious hair, a healthy scalp and adds radiant shine! It’s formulated with: coconut oil (one of the few oils which penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen from within), extra virgin olive oil infused with a blend of vitamin-rich herbs to condition and strengthen the hair, and a special essential oil blend which is both stimulating and nourishing to the scalp.
One of the BEST things about this product is that it’s a MULTI-USE product! Here are some of the various uses for Oils ‘n’ Herbs and I am sure as you begin to use it you can come up with many more!
Oils 'n' Herbs - the ultimate multi-tasker!

- Use to ‘oil’ your scalp or for scalp massages to stimulate the scalp
- As a sealant: apply onto freshly moisturized or slightly damp hair to seal in moisture
- Instead of ‘oil sheen spray’ try rubbing a small amount of this oil on your hair for radiant shine
- Warm the oil and use as a hot oil treatment
 Add some into your favourite deep conditioner to “beef it up” a bit
- Ran out of massage oil/ body oil? Oils ‘n’ Herbs can be a suitable substitute  =)
- Apply and leave in for at least 1/2 hour as a “pre-shampoo” treatment then wash and condition as usual
- For those with naturally curly/coily hair who do ‘dry detangling’, apply to your hair to provide extra slip
- If you use a relaxer, apply onto the entire length of your hair, concentrating on the ends (avoid new growth) to prevent over-processing of your ends /damage from overlapping relaxers.

Whenever my hair needs a little “pick me up” I give it a light mist of Herbal Hair Spritz (sometimes I skip the spritz and still receive good results) and then apply OILS 'N' HERBS throughout my scalp and hair, put on a plastic cap, then my satin cap and go to bed - can we say SOFT hair  next day!

This product is 100% natural and contains no mineral oil, no preservatives or artificial fragrance. You can also customize it according to any of our available options – scalp health formula, growth stimulation formula, strength formula, extra gentle formula (for children/babies) or extra peppermint.

What uses can YOU come up with for the Oils ‘n’ Herbs? Share your ideas below! While you’re thinking about it, come back tomorrow for the next Product Feature: Herbal Sachets.

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